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Our Approach

We share most of the beliefs and concerns of other environmental and conservation organisations. Thus we recognise the urgent need to do all we can to prevent the further loss of natural ecosystems, and to mitigate the alarming species extinction rate. As far as the global human community is concerned, we accept that any strategy to achieve sustainable development must include the elimination of poverty, the universal provision of primary health care and basic education, and the empowerment of women. We support in principle the idea of debt cancellation.

However, there are numerous organisations much bigger than ours that are already campaigning on all these issues. If we adopted a broad front approach in our campaigning, we would probably have little impact. As a small organisation we consider we should focus our attention on one aspect of the total problem that we think is relatively neglected - the adverse effects of continued human population growth and migration.

It is obvious to us that human population growth is the underlying multiplier of most problems. We note however, that for various reasons, there is relatively little campaigning on this and the related subject of migration. We are particularly concerned about one reason: If any person or organisation expresses concern about population growth, and especially immigration, this is likely to provoke what often seems like a concerted campaign by various groups, a campaign that labels that person or organisation as at best right wing, at worse racist. The result is that the democratic expression of legitimate concerns is subdued.

Population growth and migration are we believe central elements of the general environmental and sociological situation, or 'problem'. Now we believe the correct approach to any problem is to make an analysis of it which is as objective as possible. Once various causal factors are identified, their relative importance must be assessed. Then a strategy to resolve the problem must be faithfully developed on the basis of the analysis made.

The results should be stated clearly, without fear or favour of any likely criticism. We consider this is the only valid approach, from either the scientific or the moral point of view.

There are organisations known to us that persistently refuse to adopt this balanced approach, sometimes partly at least through fear of adverse reaction. We however believe that if any organisation makes a genuine attempt at a balanced approach, any criticism it receives will not harm it, but rather, rebound on the authors.

We therefore will try to raise public awareness of the importance of demographic processes in determining the ecological, economic, political and sociological state of the world and of our own country, the United Kingdom. And we will try to contribute to the building of a body of opinion which can be an effective force for National and International Population Policy Change.

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